Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How much do you charge?

A:   For large jobs, we will do a free on-site estimate.

For trouble-shooting, the service fee is $90/hr. plus any materials needed for the repair. (and yes, you have to pay the whole $90 even if he fixes it quicker)

Recessed lighting is a big variable, so let’s see what you need.

Adding 220V service for a dryer, microwave or other heavy-duty appliances starts at about $250.

For smaller jobs like replacing a single fixture, the charge is usually $90 (might be more if it is big and complicated).

We can usually quote you accurately before we show up so you know what to expect.

Full payment is required at time of service.

Q: Can I pay by credit card?

A:  Yes, but you need to call the office with your card information.

Q:  How far will you travel for my job?

A:  We primarily work in the Conejo and Simi Valley areas but have many days we allot to work in the San Fernando Valley, Malibu and over the grade toward Camarillo.  Call and let us know what you need and we’ll tell you if we can get there.

Q:  Can I change my regular bulbs to LED with the dimmer I already have?

A:  You can change the bulbs, but the dimmer needs to be switched out for one that works with LEDs.  It is a pretty quick job.

Q:  Can you do computer wiring for my home office or entertainment room?  What about my big-screen TV?  CAT 5 for cable?

A:  Yes, we can do all that!

Q:  Can my dryer be plugged into regular outlets?

A:  No!  Electric dryers need 220 V /30 amp dedicated line and outlet.  And yes, we do that.

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